Mwananchi Credit Limited having just received recognition as the Most preferred institution in Logbook Based Financing for the year 2020, has responded to the looming effects of the Covid-19 pandemic by offering an 8 year repayment plan on civil servant check off  Loans. 

Salary Checkoff loans in Kitengela

Civil servants can now apply for the Mwananchi credit salary check-off loan. Civil servants have been the backbone of the nation for decades contributing to some of the most critical sectors. They have also been beneficiaries of credit facilities from different organizations and their investment acumen has been responsible for the development of most satellite towns in Kenya.

While making this announcement, The Executive Director, Dennis Mombo stated that “Extraordinary times call for extra-ordinary measures. There are no limits to our commitment to provide relief to our clients by taking such bold, decisive actions to make civil servants more resilient to coronavirus related economic disruptions. Civil servants are vital economic engines in the country, and they have helped make our economy the strongest in the region. Mwananchi Credit Limited will continue to provide every business and individual with the most effective and customer-focused response possible during these times of uncertainty.”

Mwananchi Credit has identified this market and tailor-made the salary check off product for the very people who invest in various businesses by giving them the ability to continue their investments and continuing their mission of investing in people.

To further cushion the effects brought about by the pandemic, it has further cut interest rates on their loan facilities offering loans at interest rates from as low as 1.5%. 

Mwananchi Credit at the moment offers the lowest interest rate in the market with the longest repayment period around up to 96 months.

Who Qualifies for Salary Checkoff loans?


The Salary Checkoff loans are available to all civil servants from across the country In Healthcare, Education, county governments, and Defense forces among others. These loans are given against the salaries earned hence no security is required.

salary checkoff loan
salary checkoff loan

How Much Can I Borrow?

Once you apply for the salary check off loan, they calculate how much you are eligible to borrow depending on your basic salary. They currently have a minimum salary checkoff borrowing amount of Ksh 3,000 and a Maximum of Ksh 2 Million.

How Long Can I Borrow For?

You can borrow for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 96 months. 

Salary Check off Loan Application Requirements

  • Clear copy of Original I.D.
  • One Colored passport size photo
  • 2 Months salary statement
  • Appointment letter/Job ID
  • Current pay slip as downloaded from the system

Teachers Salary Checkoff  Loans

This facility is available to all teachers employed by the Teachers service commission (TSC). They are currently offering the service to all teachers from all localities in Kenya.

Once you apply for the salary check off loan, they require the applicant to send their pay slips which they use to calculate the ability to come up with a figure they can be able to give the applicant. The applicant then chooses the duration of the loan and offer a repayment schedule and the loan form. Once filled the loan will be disbursed in 6 hours.

National Police Service Salary CheckOff Loans

The facility is available to all policemen employed by the National Police Service (NPS). Any police officer is, therefore, qualified to apply for the loan based on their basic salary..

Doctors & Health Workers Salary Check Off Loans

Mwananchi Credit Salary advance loan is available to all health workers employed by the government. This includes doctors, Nurses, Clinical officers etc. The applicant is required to send their respective pay slips to enable them calculate their ability.

Salary Check off Loans for County Government Employees 

checkoff loans for government employees

Mwananchi Credit has signed MOU’s with most of the counties in Kenya meaning all county employees are eligible to apply for the salary check off loan facility. The service is available across all the counties in Kenya with flexible rates.

Does Mwananchi Credit Offer Salary Checkoff Loan Buyoffs?

Mwananchi Credit does salary checkoff loan buyoffs from other financial institutions. With their reduced interest rates, why not transfer the burden of heavy interest from other service providers to something more accommodating by Mwananchi Credit. Not only does it offer loan buyoffs on checkoff loans but also does Loan buyoffs on Logbook loans.

Apply for a loan today!

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