If your business needs a financial boost to help it flourish, a business loan could be the answer.

Simple, quick and transparent Business Loans

From machinery to marketing, new premises to working capital, there are a multitude of reasons why you might need a business loan from mwananchi credit to bolster your growth.

A logbook loan or title deed loan could give you the short to medium term lift to buy that hi-tech equipment, which puts you ahead of your competitors, or it could fund a fit-out to make your premises a better representation of your brand.

Whatever the reason for needing a business loan, and however your financial history has played out in the past, it’s worth talking to us to find out if we can help grow your business to make you competitive in your respective industry.

Logbook loans

Logbook Loan

At Mwananchi Credit, we provide secured loans that can help you unlock the much needed financing that your business needs. The secured loans facility can come in the form of a vehicle logbook. The logbook loan facility takes advantage of your motor vehicle to secure some funding and the money is disbursed within 6 hours to make sure you sort out your business emergency on time. Mwananchi credit currently loans you up to 80% of the value of your vehicle in up to 24 months.

Title Deed Loans

title deed loan

We also provide a full range of secured loans where business finance solutions can be secured against assets, invoices, commercial property and future trade. Our Title deed loan facility takes advantage of your existing property to secure financing for your business. For the title deed loan we require an original title deed preferably on property that is developed. Once we do site visit of the property a valuation is done on the property to determine how much mwananchi credit can be able to lend against it. The title deed process takes two weeks and repayment is within 24 months.

We have financed nearly every scenario, and we’ll always try to structure a business loan that suits you and your unique situation. Any bespoke financial solution we create for you takes into account your industry and the ebbs and flows of your trade.

Business loans based on your potential not your past!

Mwananchi credit are  particularly good at providing solutions for difficult situations, whether that is because your trading history is not as comprehensive as some of the high street banks think it should be, or because you have a chequered financial past. Talk to us about business loans even if you have been turned down by other lenders previously – you might be surprised to find that we can help. Unlike many of our counterparts, we are as interested in your potential, as we are in your past, and we don’t refuse loans just because you don’t fit rigid, computer-determined criteria.

Our clients are always impressed with the time that we take to get to know their company before we offer business finance – we like to understand what makes your venture tick to ensure that we’re offering a loan package that will work for you, and crucially, that you can afford to repay.

Our business loans could help companies in almost any sector, who are looking for a straightforward, medium-term financial boost that is usually unsecured. Some of the most common loans we have provided are:

  • Business loans for retail
  • Business loans for restaurants
  • Business loans for suppliers
  • Business loans for manufacturing etc

Before taking a logbook loan or title deed loan, please make sure that you can afford the monthly repayments as failure to keep up with repayments could affect yours or your businesses creditworthiness, which may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

Apply for a loan today!

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