How to become financially independent

We all want to be able to spend on luxuries and holidays to enjoy, but in order to be able to spend money, we must first have money.

Starting off on the career ladder can be daunting and confusing and when all you want to do is become financially independent and have your own livingspace to enjoy life in; it can be frustrating to navigate.

Loans are for financial emergencies only, so we need to find other ways in which to save our money so we can stand on our own two feet financially.

We have handpicked our top 5 ideas which we think could help you with your financial independence.


Although we would love to be able to immediately spend our hard-earned money on a nice meal or a new outfit, we know that we mustn’t ‘splash our cash’ if we want to eventually become financially independent. In order to prevent spending out on things you don’t need, you should think about budgeting your money instead. Give yourself a set amount of money you can spend on certain monthly outgoings until payday, such as limiting the amount that you spend on a food shop. If you put some of your pay-slip into a savings account each month as soon as you get paid, you’ll begin to build a substantial savings fund, which would come in handy if a financial emergency was to occur.

Spend Less Than You Earn

Payday arrives and the first thing you want to do is buy that dress or shirt that you have been admiring for the past month – oh, and then there are the other fifteen items that you have put on your wish list, which you promised yourself you would buy to ‘treat’ yourself this month. After having treated yourself, paid all the bills, done the multiple food shops and topped up your car with fuel, your bank account could very well show the same figure that it did just before you were paid or potentially even less. Therefore, you need to spend less each month than you earn, so you make a profit when you get paid. Only buy yourself a ‘treat’ once a month, instead of every day or consider investing in experiences rather than material goods for a truly valuable treat.

Create A Spending Plan

To prevent you from spending all your money on ‘luxurious’ products such as clothes, nights out and make-up, consider making a spending plan every month. By having a plan of how much you are going to spend on everything, you’re less likely to overspend and you could have money left that you can enjoy or save.

Eliminate Debt

If you are in debt, with a student loan or even a little too much spent on a credit card, you could be at risk of a bad credit score if you struggle to meet payments. If you eliminate your debt and pay it all off as quickly as possible, the money you then earn is yours and it’s up to you where it goes from there! You can also improve your credit score by closing any bank accounts down which you no longer use or change any mistakes on your credit report, such as your address because it can make a big difference to your score.

Take Your Career Into Account

You won’t be able to achieve financial independence without having a steady income from your job. Choosing a career that you enjoy is very important because that is the job you will be doing day in and day out. However, you need to take the salary into consideration and see if the hard work you will do will actually pay off and create a strong income for you to live off of.

It can be difficult starting off on the ladder of financial independence, especially when you are trying to save up and you don’t earn enough to cover your expenses as well. Talk to a financial advisor for some advice and take some or all of our top tips into consideration. We wish you the best of luck in becoming financially independent!





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