Benefits of Paying Off a Car Loan Early

The bottom line is that paying off a car loan early will save you money in interest payments. Imagine what you can do with the extra money: beef up your savings account, make home improvements, save for retirement, or perhaps pay off other debts.

Taking out a car loan can also impact your credit, as credit scores factor in your level of debt.

Ways to Expedite Paying Off a Car Loan

Paying cash to buy a car is one way to avoid high interest charges and years of monthly car payments. But if you don’t have the money on-hand to pay off your car in full, a few simple techniques can help eliminate your car debt faster.

1. Round Up Your Payment

Rounding up your car loan payment is an easy and effortless way to knock a few months off your car loan term. You don’t need a lot of extra money, but the more you add to your payments, the sooner you can walk away from your loan.

2. Bi-weekly payments

You’re only required to make auto loan payments on a monthly basis, but if you strike a deal with your auto lender, the company might allow biweekly payments.

The concept behind biweekly payments is simple, and making payments on this schedule will ultimately reduce how much you pay in interest. Submit half of your car loan payment to your lender every two weeks. Because there are 52 weeks in the year, this equals 26 yearly payments, or one extra payment per year.

Continue with this schedule for the duration of your auto loan and you’ll shorten your loan by five months. Discuss this option with your auto lender first, and be sure to inquire about prepayment penalties.

3. Make One Extra Payment a Year

If you simply don’t have the cash flow to commit to biweekly payments, you can achieve the same results by making one extra loan payment per year. Use money from your tax refund and work bonuses, or take cash from your savings. Better yet, divide your monthly car payment by 12 and then add this total to each future monthly payment. This also results in one extra payment per year, and helps pay off your car loan a little earlier.

4. Avoid the Skip Payment Option

Some lenders will let you skip your payment once or twice a year. However, each skipped payment extends your loan by at least one month and tacks on additional interest. Skip your payment four or five times during the life of the loan and you can add six months to your car term.




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