Mwananchi Credit Signs Mr. Jalang’o as the Brand Ambassador

Jalang’o- Officially Mwananchi Credit Ambassador

Mr. Phelix Odiwuor Kodhe, popularly known as Jalang’o, is among the top names in the entertainment scene in Kenya. Over the years, he has proven his worth in the industry both in radio and performing in various stages both as a comedian and an Mc. Recently, Mwananchi credit Limited, the leading logbook loan lender, selected Mr. Jalang’o as the company’s ambassador.

Jalang’o (on left) with Dennis Mombo, Mwananchi CEO

Mwananchi Credit Limited has signed Mr. Phelix Odiwuor Kodhe, popularly known as Jalang’o, as our brand ambassador for an annual renewable period. During the tenure, Mwananchi Credit shall use Mr. Jalango’s image rights and influencer services to grow the brand.

Over the last ten years, Mwananchi Credit Limited has grown from a one-man lending shop with a total loan book of only Kshs 30,000 to become the leading logbook loan provider in Kenya with over seven branches and 200 employees! Mwananchi Credit aims to expand its facilities in Kenya and grow its capacity in the coming years.

Why Jalang’o

Meanwhile, at the same time, Jalang’o has risen from ‘nothing,’ a humble background back in the village in Homa Bay, and basically used his talents, hard work, and relentless determination to rise to Kenya’s top’s entertainment scene. He is now a popular radio presenter in one of Kenya’s leading stations, an event Mc and a comedian of note in his own right.

Mr. Jalango represents the brand we stand for as Mwananchi. Mr. Jalang’o’s story is Mwananchi’s story. That if you dare dream big dreams, audacious enough to scare you, and wake up, work hard to realize those same dreams, soon the world becomes your stage, and success your synonym.

Mwananchi founder and CEO Dennis Mombo had this to say during the signing process, “We are excited to get into this journey with Jalang’o. Emergency Loans are sometimes very serious discussions to have and having someone with Jalas kind of humour to break it down to simplified chunks may be helpful in our endeavour to become the most accessible loan provider in the country.”

On his part, Jalang’o had this to say, “This is a lovely opportunity to represent a brand that invests in the growth of people. I look forward to a lovely engagement with Mwananchi Credit Limited!”

About Mwananchi Credit Limited

Mwananchi Credit is Kenya’s leading Logbook Loan provider, as well as a suite of other micro-finance lending products. It has branches in Nairobi (2), Kitengela, Mombasa, Thika, Kisumu, and Eldoret, with plans to open more across the country. Besides, Mwananchi Credit offers several other secured loans to both individuals and businesses facing financial issues.

Before Mwananchi Credit Limited came into existence, several businesses and individuals struggled with financial difficulties. The establishment of Mwananchi Credit provided a platform for businesses to grow with adequate financing solutions. In the spirit of investor in people, we need to incorporate other channels that convey the message in layman’s way to reach everyone.

It is necessary to know what we stand for and why Mwananchi comes in to empower your business, family or any project that has a financial deficit. Whether it is the business that is suffering in this Covid-19 season or you need emergency student loan, we will be here to invest with you. With Jalang’o reputation, the comedian is likely to help the citizens take advantage of logbook loans and other financing products. Thus, helping them grow into new heights.


The partnership between Mwananchi Credit Limited and Mr. Jalang’o is to empower every person that every dream can come true. As an investor in people, Mwananchi Credit relies these influencer avenues to help people understand emergency loans, and other financial products we offer.

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