Be Forward Japan, Sales Manager, Africa, Oceania and Carribean Islands, Takahiro Ono noted Kenya’s growing import demand of motor vehicles, adding the company’s interest in creating employment for youth.

“Sales of new vehicles in Kenya are driven by the demand for transportation in the construction, manufacturing, mining, agri-business, tourism, energy and retail sectors. The government and in particular its law enforcement and security authorities are significant buyers of new vehicles, creating market potential,” said Takahiro.

“As the transport sector in Kenya continues to thrive, so does the demand to have quality sales expertise. We have affiliate marketers who are self-employed under our model, and to become car traders at the comfort of their homes, we equip supporters with marketing tools. They earn commissions on sales as customers receive competitive discounts, thereby creating alternative income opportunities.”

The relaunch comes as the Kenya Revenue Authority increased import duty on selected motor vehicles. The government also aims to reduce the age limit for imported cars from the current eight years to five years, in efforts to promote local vehicle assembly. Takahiro noted that the company is well equipped to cushion customers against the market dynamics.

“Buying a car, as with every asset, can be a daunting task and transparency on price is one of our values. We are not only offering vehicles suited for the Kenyan market, but also offering discount packages to help our customers accommodate the tax.”

The company which sells and exports used cars and auto-parts to over 152 different countries globally through its online site seeks to widen its customer and marketer base in Kenya by training and capacity building for potential partners.



Kenya’s motor vehicle industry is expected to grow by 15 per cent in 2018 according to the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI). Companies such as Swedish brand, Volvo, French car maker, Peugeot and German-based car maker, Volkswagen have established local assembling in efforts to meet the growing motor demand in the country.


SOURCE: Capital FM Kenya

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