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Getting a loan in Mombasa is now a swift and fast process with Mwananchi Credit. You can now apply and get your loan in just 6 hours from the time of application. Mwananchi credit is the fastest growing micro finance organization in the country offering different types of loans.

Loans in Mombasa – Kenya

Residents of Mombasa Kenya can now continue conducting business without the fear of running out of financing. With the challenge the economy has faced during this trying Covid-19 period, Mwananchi credit has been there to make sure all emergency’s arising from it, whether medical, personal or financial are solved with quick loans in  hours.

Quick Loans in Mombasa

Quick loans in 6 hours
emergency loans in 6 hours

Quick loans have become a mainstay in finance especially with the emergence of technology in the country. Mwananchi credit offers quick loans in Mombasa to make sure all emergency situations are dealt with quickly. Most of our loans take only 6 hours from the application stage to the disbursement stage.

Car Loans in Mombasa

quick car loans in Mombasa

Do you own a car in Mombasa County and would like a loan? You can now get a car loan at Mwananchi credit in just 3 easy steps; Valuation, Documentation and disbursement all in just 6 hours. Our car loans in Mombasa are very fast with the most competitive interest rates in the market. Mombasa is  the port city that is responsible for the shipping of all motor vehicles in the country.

Logbook Loans in Mombasa

Logbook loans are given to all people who own a vehicle with a valid logbook as proof of ownership. Mwananchi credit gives logbook loans from a minimum of Ksh 100,000 to up to Ksh 25 Million. Our interest rates are also the lowest in the market and start from 1.5% with a repayment period of up to 24 months. Mwananchi credit is known for logbook loans and have even been given an award as the best logbook loan financier.

Boda Boda  & Tuk Tuk Loans in Mombasa

boda boda loans in Mombasa

The Boda boda Industry has emerged as one of the drivers of the economy in Kenya over the years with an industry report in 2017 stating that there we’re 600,000 boda boda’s in Kenyan roads a figure which has at least doubled to date. Tuk Tuk’s have also become a preferred means of transport especially in the coastal city of Mombasa .Mwananchi credit Mombasa branch is now offering boda boda and Tuk Tuk loans. To qualify for the loans you will need the following requirements:


Passport Photo (colored)
Copy of ID.
Copy of KRA Pin certificate.
Certified six months Active M-Pesa statement.
Three (3) Guarantors-(Two guarantors should be Boda Boda operators) (One guarantor should be a relative-Provide ID & KRA pin copy).
Client Own Contribution: Minimum of Ksh 15,000 .
Confirmation letter from the SACCO OR Area Chief.

Bike Installed with a Tracking Device.
Comprehensive Insurance.

Daily OR Weekly

Instant Loans in Mombasa

Mwananchi credit offers instant loans in Mombasa. These loans are secured by a logbook for vehicle owners or a payslip for people who are employed by the government. Our promise remains to offer instant loans in just 6 hours because we understand all emergencies require immediate action.

Salary Check Off Loans in Mombasa

Salary Check off loans in Mombasa

Check off loans are loans given against a payslip. This loan facility is given to people who are employed as civil servants, either as Teachers, Police, Doctors etc. To qualify for this loan we need to have signed an MOU with your employer.

To access the Salary Advance, Mwananchi Credit Ltd shall require the following documentation;

  • Latest three months payslips.
  • Latest six months bank statements for the applicant’s salary account.
  • Post-dated cheque’s drawn from the Salary account.

Emergency Loans in Mombasa

Emergency loans in Mombasa
Get Cash in 6 Hours

Mwananchi credit limited is the only credit company in Kenya currently offering emergency  loan facilities in 6 hours. Through our 3 step process of Valuation, Documentation and Disbursement, we have innovated the traditional loan process making sure emergency loans are disbursed conveniently 6 hours after application.

Shylock Loans in Mombasa

Shylock loans in Mombasa are loans given against a specific security. For Mwananchi credit we offer secured loans that are secured using either a logbook, title deed or payslip for people employed by the various arms of the government. The security provided by the customer determines the interest rates and repayment period of the loan facility.





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