The Automotive Industry Excellence Awards are meant to recognize and celebrate the key players in various realms of the automotive sector who have over the years achieved outstanding results in their niche and have positively impacted the lives of their clients. One such company that has been doing that is Mwananchi Credit limited.

The event was held at the Movenpick Hotels, Westlands on the 21st June 2019.

Being amongst the market leaders in its niche, Mwananchi Credit limited had three (3) nominations in their respective category. (Credit only Microfinance companies).

The event didn’t disappoint as companies sent representatives in their numbers to come receive their awards and you could tell the mood inside the award ceremony was exciting.

The company is in its ninth year of operation, so it’s fair to say that they were very excited to win the award for MOST PREFERRED CREDIT FACILITY IN LOGBOOK FINANCING.

It’s definitely true that chasing glory can divert some people from doing good work for clients, But this hasn’t been the case for Mwananchi Credit Limited.

The executive director Dennis Mombo had this to say:

“We believe that proper, transparent collaboration is critical to great work.









Good work always requires hard work, having those efforts recognised by others makes getting the best from the team even easier next time around.

Clients must be as invested in their agency’s success as agencies must be in their own clients and this fact was proved by the clients and people who voted for us.

So for that reason, we’ll remain focused on winning awards because what’s good for our clients is good for us too. Win or lose, being involved matters and the journey will not end here. There is more to come.”


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