Kenya Ports Authority has amended free storage periods and tariffs for containers at the Inland Container Depot in Embakasi.

Managing Director Catherine Muturi said changes take effect today, in efforts to make the facility competitive and user-friendly.

Domestic import containers measuring 20ft and 40ft will enjoy nil payment in terms of storage for the first four days after arriving at the ICDE.

“Thereafter, up to the date container is removed from the depot, charges will be about Sh2,006 for 20ft and Sh3,010 for 40ft,” the MD said in a notice to customers.

Empty containers for railage stored at Embakasi will be free in the first seven days before being removed or loaded onto railtainer.

A charge of Sh1,505 and Sh2,257 will be paid daily for 20ft and 40ft containers respectively if they exceed seven days according to the notice.

Empty containers on repatriation that pass through the ICDE will not be charged in the first one week to berthing of the ship.

Thereafter, until the container is removed from the port or loaded onto a vessel, Muturi said, the rates will be about Sh1,505 (20ft) and Sh2,257 (40ft).

The MD said empty nominated containers on export which are brought to the port by trucks will be zero-rated in the first four days to vessel berthing.

About Sh1,505 (20ft) and Sh2,257 (40ft) will be paid daily up to the date the container is removed.

Muturi said changes have been informed by need to “use container storage capacity at the ICDE”.

“It is against this background that we are informing you that the minor adjustment of free periods for storage of containers at the ICDE has been approved,” she said in a notice.




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