import financing

Import Financing

Sometimes, different businesses opt to import financing, which involves getting fast capital essential for bringing goods into the country. Such approaches are crucial as import transactions often affect a company’s cash-flow due to delays and complications associated with payments. Other factors affecting cash-flow include shifting freight rates and import tariffs that lead to uncertainties in the transaction. The immediate solution to these cases is to get export and import financing services from reputable lenders.

Import financing comes in handy when specific companies have cash-flow difficulties hence lack funds to complete import transactions. With several lenders providing import financing in Kenya, some deliver exclusive services to borrowers. Besides, it is essential to learn different import finance options available to decide the ones that suit you.

What is import financing?

Different countries import and export various goods but are supplied in bulky, hence lower costs, higher profits, and quality products. However, doing business overseas accompanies multiple challenges, among them being prolonged payment terms and over-trading. With limited capital, a given company involved tends to require funds to conduct transactions hence search ‘import export financing.’

If you are unfamiliar with import financing meaning, these are funds provided to businesses purchasing goods from another country but lack the capital. Import and export trading transactions include more extended delivery periods way after payments. During this time, enterprises involve experience challenges with cash-flow. At Mwananchi Credit Limited, the intent is to offer exclusive import finance services to all companies in Kenya.

Import finance services offered at Mwananchi Credit Limited

Invoice Discounting

When you search ‘import financing Kenya,’ the motive is to get fast funds to clear import transactions. Borrowers can use invoice discounting as a form to secure the loan while getting quick cash to resolve the problems. The loan process is fast, including approvals and fund disbursements.

LPO financing

As short-term loans can in handy with import finance, Mwananchi offers LPO financing at competitive rates. This loan type is secured by assets like title deed or logbook and with a repayment duration of 30 to 90 days.

Advance payment guarantee

It is a form of import finance where another party guarantees the borrower to be granted the loan. If the borrower defaults to reimburse the funds, both parties are responsible for the reimbursement. From the import financing definition, funds are provided promptly to facilitate import transactions.

Performance bond

Mwananchi Credit Limited also offers import finance in the form of performance bonds that guarantee import costs. As the best import loan facility in Kenya, the lender ensures the loans have a fast turnaround time, no hidden fees, and flexible fee rates.

Mwananchi Credit relieves you the burden of paying port, storage and demurrage charges by settling all the charges for you, to avoid penalties. Our charges are competitive and reasonable. We have a flexible repayment period not exceeding 6 months.

We target importers of second-hand motor vehicles- individuals and dealers trading raw materials, machinery, electronics and second-hand clothes.

We execute the confirmation of the duty payable by our clearing agent fast and we have a simple process for arranging this financing.

We finance 100% of calculated duties and taxes as per KRA’s guidelines.

The security for the facility is the motor vehicle or other goods being imported.

Pre-Import Financing Vs. Post-Import Financing

Pre-import finance entails funds granted to businesses against a confirmed order or shipment from an exporter or seller. Due to the period taken, you need funding to run the business by purchasing raw material or capital to transport materials to buyers. It is an excellent approach to organizing import duty financing when you are looking to receive your order sooner.

On the other hand, post-import finance is loans offered to either exporters or sellers provided goods have been shipped. Such loans are granted, provided there is proof of shipment of goods to the buyer or another agency. The export and import financing mechanism involve providing funds to sellers provided evidence of the trade occurs.


What is import financing?

These are funds provided to borrowers looking for capital to resolve import transactions, significantly when cash-flows are affected by various overseas trading.

What are the requirements to apply for import financing from Mwananchi Credit Limited?

Our import financing schemes are flexible and suitable for various sellers looking for capital essential for import transactions. Requirements include;

  • Import declaration form
  • Original copy of ID and PIN
  • Copy of invoices of goods or products traded
  • Bill of lading

Who can apply for import financing loans?

Mwananchi Credit Limited offers import finance to different parties involves in the trade, including suppliers, service industry, and construction companies.

When looking for import financing services, Mwananchi Credit Limited is the best lender to get your loan. Learning more about import financing is vital, especially when faced with multiple import transaction challenges. Apply your first import financing and enjoy the best loan services in Kenya.


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