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Every beginning of the year parents all over the country look for where to get school loans or fees and some opt for taking school fees loan to cover the heavy financial burden of sending their children to various schools around the country. Back to school can be very expensive with shopping, transport, school fees and other fees necessary to take children back to school. Mwananchi credit has come up with school fees loans to cover parents and guardians against the financial burden and to make sure all kids get an equal opportunity in learning in the various institutions. Any one looking for where to get school fees loans in Kenya can visit Mwananchi Credit for assistance.

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Student Loans in Kenya

The need to further education has grown over the past few years with professionals looking to gain more skills by enrolling for new courses or continuing their education by pursuing post graduate education qualifications. This has been supported by major universities opening satellite branches in major towns in Kenya. Student loans have become necessary to most Kenyans giving them ability to develop professionally. Mwananchi credit has in turn come up with secured education loans to help all those in need of furthering their education.

Student Loan Company

If you are looking for the best student loans you can visit Mwananchi credit Limited and we will be able to finance your education in different ways. You can choose to apply for an education loan using your logbook, title deed or even your pay slip if you are employed by the government for a salary Check off loan.

Best Student Loans

Mwananchi credit loans are the best in the market with very affordable interest rates and and a flexible repayment period.

Private Student Loans

Students in private universities can also benefit from our education loans. We can finance your future by giving you loans of up to Ksh 25 Million with a very flexible interest rate. Our loans which are secured by using a logbook, title deed or  pay slip for civil servants are disbursed in just 6 hours.

Apply for Student Loans

You can now apply for our students loans and get your money in just 6 hours. Your car or title deed can now finance your long term future with Mwananchi credit’s education loans.

Education Loans

Education Loan
Mwananchi credit offers you education loans to enable you to stay vibrant in the very competitive job market. Our loans can be secured using a logbook, title deed or a pay slip for all those that are employed as civil servants.

Education Loans in Kenya

Education in Kenya has become a quite expensive affair with schools and higher education institutions hiking their school fees every term. This has become straining to most parents and hence the the high demand for school fees loans in Kenya.

Higher Education loans

Are you looking to further your education but lack the necessary funds? Worry not, Mwananchi credit can now finance you with our higher education loans in just 6 hours.

School Fees Loan

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You may be able to borrow money to help pay for university or college tuition fees and to help with other  living costs. This loan can be secured by either your vehicle logbook, a title deed or even a pay slip for all civil servants. Our repayment period varies from the security you use for the loan facility. For instance, if you use a logbook or title deed we can give a repayment period of up to 24 months while a salary check off loan one can repay in up to 84 months.

School Fees Loan in Kenya

Product Features for School Fee Loans

For school fees loans you will need the following;

  • Logbook/title deed /Pay slip ( civil servants)
  • 6 Months Bank & Mpesa Statements
  • Original ID
  • 2 passport photos

Where to get School Fees Loans in Kenya

You can get school fees loan in Kenya at Mwananchi credit limited.


Who is Eligible for an Education Loan?

Anyone who has a security of either a logbook, title deed or a pay slip in the case of civil servants can apply for Mwananchi credit education loans.

Which Bank is the best for Education loan?

Mwananchi Credit is the best micro finance institution that offers the student loans. Our loans are the most affordable in the market and are also fast and flexible.

Apply for a loan today!

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